Custom Flooring Services in Jaipur

Floor Coverings-  PVC and Wooden Flooring, Carpets, Rugs

When it comes to interior decor services and home furnishing products, RR Interiors comes right on top with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer exceptional custom flooring services in Jaipur. Our flooring services are

  • Flooring
    • Wooden Flooring
    • PVC Flooring
  • Floor Covering
    • Rugs
    • Carpets

Whether you need a wooden flooring for your living room or premium accent rugs for offices, we provide you with best options in flooring.

If you are looking for carpet flooring then visit carpet dealers and suppliers.

Accent Rugs, PVC flooring, or carpets enhance the beauty of our property. They give the atmosphere a new and enigmatic charisma. They simply add oodles of life and aliveness to the whole ambiance.

RR Interiors offer an in-depth range of rugs, carpets, wooden or PVC flooring, in Jaipur. Not only you get a wide range of floor coverings with us, we also offer expert services for accurate measurement of your property and proper installation of carpets, rugs, and flooring of your choice.

Take a look at some of the offerings by RR Interiors in custom flooring in Jaipur:

Wooden, PVC Flooring in Jaipur

No floor treatment is complete without floor coverings like wooden or vinyl flooring. RR Interiors has made its name as the top PVC vinyl flooring dealer in Jaipur.


wooden carpet in jaipurstriped thick carpets for staircase in jaipurcarpets in jaipur
However, it is not just PVC flooring but we are also known as the best wooden flooring dealer in Rajasthan. We have provided exceptional wooden flooring services in Jaipur over the past few years.

That is why we have become the favorite of our customers who have trusted us to give them a beautiful hardwood floor. Be it white wooden flooring or classic laminated wooden flooring, we can get you the type of floor treatment that you desire.

Whether you need vinyl floorings in Jaipur or laminate floorings, RR Interiors provide you with the best option and flooring services in Rajasthan.

Best Rugs in Jaipur

RR Interiors has emerged as one of the top rugs suppliers in Jaipur. We are also among the renowned retailer of rugs in the city. We offer a range of floor rugs that can enhance the look of your surroundings.

wooden carpet in jaipurstriped thick carpets for staircase in jaipur

Our experts can guide you to choose the right size of rug or carpet and the one that completely compliments your furniture. It is necessary that you know the size of the rug that you wish to implant in your property. There are 3 types of rug sizes that you can pick for your living room:-

  • A small rug that does not touch the furniture. This one is the least preferred.
  • A rug size where only the front legs of the furniture are made to sit on the corners.
  • A rather large rug which looks even after the whole furniture is settled upon. This type of rug gives your living room a lively look.

Whether you need simple jute rugs or modern, contemporary rugs, you will find every variety of rugs in Jaipur at RR interiors. You also get an amazing collection of decorative rugs, hand-knotted rugs, designer rugs, shag rug, etc. with us. This extensive collection of rugs has helped us on becoming the best rug retailers in Jaipur.