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Curtains in Jaipur play a major role in deciding the impact of your ambiance. Your curtains are noticed by every guest and therefore, it is necessary that the design and fabric of curtains should be impeccable. Give your ambiance a new life by selecting best curtain designs from our curtains suppliers shop in Jaipur.

We, RR Interiors are the best curtains suppliers and dealers shop in Jaipur. The quality of our curtains in Jaipur is unmatchable and the designs are simply awesome. Gone are the days when people were content with designs of bedroom curtains or door and window curtains in Jaipur.

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In addition to beautifying your living rooms, curtains in Jaipur also play an important role as window coverings along with blinds in Jaipur . You cannot have a custom window treatment without the use of high-quality curtains fabrics in addition to various blinds.

Be it curtain fabric(best curtains styles in Jaipur) for living room or designer drapery fabrics, RR interiors deliver you a wide range of collection of ready-made curtains supplies in Jaipur. You won’t find a better curtain dealers in Jaipur than RR interiors as we bring best brands of furnishing fabrics under one roof.

There is a reason why we are on the top of curtain fabric retailers in Jaipur and that reason is years of consistent quality and the trust of our buyers on us. At RR interiors, Jaipur, you can discover several types of fancy and printed curtain fabrics such as:


Polyester Curtains Dealers and Suppliers shop

This is one of the best curtains for living room due to its durability, ease of care, and resistance to shrinking or stretching. You can find different range of colors, patterns, textures, and styles of polyester curtains at our curtain suppliers shop in Jaipur. The quality of our polyester curtains in jaipur can be taken for granted. We are the leading polyester curtains dealers in jaipur.


Rajasthani Curtains Dealers and Suppliers

Jaipur curtains fabric or Jaipuri print curtains are one of the most popular curtain fabrics among jaipurite’s and outsiders. They offer a rich blend of modern and traditional that can transform the look of any place. You cannot help but get a royal feeling on having hand crafted curtains from Jaipur curtains fabric.


Cotton Curtains Suppliers and Dealers shop

If you want a simple, light look to your homes and offices, cotton curtains are a great option. They go with traditional as well as modern interior decoration styles. Cotton curtains are airy curtains so it will keep the space airy and fresh. It is perfect for all seasons especially in summer seasons in Jaipur


Velvet Curtains Suppliers and Dealers shop

Velvet is one of the best drapery fabric for curtains and they give a premium look to your surroundings. They are ideal for formal dining halls or master bedrooms. It will give a cozy and smooth feel to your interiors.


 Silk Curtains Dealers and Suppliers Shop

As one of the best curtain suppliers in Jaipur, we bring you high-quality silk curtains in Jaipur that are guaranteed to transform the look and feel of your living rooms. The soft touch of silk curtain fabric can be found only in authentic silk material which you can find at RR interiors.

Apart from above curtains, you can find more varieties of printed and designer curtains at our shop in Jaipur. You can also check out some sample pictures of our fancy drapes and curtains below. In addition to curtains in Jaipur, we also offer bed sheets in Jaipur at an affordable rate.

We are the one-stop place for your interior decorating needs and home furnishing products. Visit RR Interiors now for buying printed curtains at the best curtains shop in Jaipur. Contact us now at for further queries you may have regarding best curtains and draperies in Rajasthan.

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